Julian Beever: Pavement Drawing Illusions

Julian Beever creates pavement drawings that give a false impression of depth and realism. He skews his images so that when viewed from the correct angle, the brain interprets the drawings as three-dimensional. His technique is closely related to Ames rooms: slanted rooms that appear cubic when viewed with one eye from a particular point.

Update: It turns out that some of the images I had attributed to Julian Beever are actually the work of Kurt Wenner, another street artist. I’ve updated the gallery above to give proper credit.

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  1. Some images of the street drawing on the Flickr site are attributed to Julian Beever when the actual artist is Kurt Wenner (www.kurtwenner.com). You’ll notice that Kurt’s artwork has a much more classical flavor to it than Julian’s. That being said, both artists are incredibly talented.

  2. i love his drawings! they are so awesome!!!!!!!
    im only sad when they get washed away by the rain.
    he is very talented! way to go man!,……

  3. i got an email of his drawings i liked then 2 weeks later i had an art project and i started to do it on jackson pollock but then i asked mi teacher if i could so julian beever and she said yea so i did him got and 99% alright !!!!!

  4. “stg.”? not sure i understand, but i doubt this is something easily learned by reading about it. i’d start with a simple image mapped on a grid, printed on transparency so you can look through it and visualize how it will fall on the ground.

    Julian does this on the spot though, without any aid from what i can tell, but practice makes perfect.

    let me know if you find any good resources.

  5. i love his art work when i first seen it i didnt believe it it looked like computer graphics but after a while my mate made me believe that they were real


  6. His work is a masterpiece, i’ve no words to describe my reaction when i first watched these drawings, they are simply superb, and the artist truly deserves all applause!!

  7. Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner are both extremely talented artists – it’s certainly a gift to be able to give so much joy to all who view their work!

  8. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cannot believe my eyes. I have seen great art all over the world, but this man, Julian Beever takes the prize for the greatest of all times. I am a concrete engraver/artist finisher. Would like to learn the technique so these art drawings will never be “washed” away with the rain. My hats off to you Julian Beever!!!!

  9. Julian/Kurt… please come to Toronto, Canada we have some pretty big sidewalks here too!!!! Your work is awesome!! Thanks!

  10. wow these drawings are beyond amazing! and I thought watercoloring was hard! Julian Beever is the best, there is no way you can say that his work is ordinary or uninteresting! YOU ROCK!!!!

  11. this is awesome… aside from London UK, they say he also had pavement paintings in Australia… I wonder where (can anybody tell me please ?) If it’s still existing and haven’t been washed by rain…. I wanna see!

  12. I think they’re in Southbank in Melbourne. I don’t know if they’re his, but there are some chalk drawings on the Promenade that runs along the Yarra river in Southbank.
    They’re not the anamorphic (3D) pics like this, but they are still gorgeous.

  13. My sister, Hannah, owns a Restaurant called Uncle Zeph’s in the tiny town of Beresford, SD & would like to know how much Julian would charge us to come do a drawing on our sidewalk.

  14. to inquiries past and future, I am not affiliated with Julian Beever. it seems his website is down for the time being, but if and when it is reactivated, i would forward requests that direction.

  15. Is nobody interested in whether his name is

    JULIAN or JUSTIN ? ? ? ????????

    (Check out how many of both on Goosgle!)

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