I dig DJ Raeo’s style and taste in music — and I especially dig that he offers recordings of some of his favorite mixes on his website, for free, and even has tracklists for the more recent ones. I’ve never seen him in person, but apparently he puts on a good show, as seen from the crowd in the pictures here. These shots are from the Candela Bar in San Juan, Puerto Rico; but he does a weekly set (with guests) in NYC every Friday night at a place called Shebeen. Check out his website for hours of music — I’ve linked to a couple of my favorites:

Update: DJ Raeo let me know of his upcoming album, among other things. Keep your ears peeled.

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  1. I’ve been meaning to ask this for awhile, I recognized a lot of the themes in ill tremolo (like Satie’s gnossiennes with about 11 minutes left), but have been unable to figure out what the last five minutes is from! I really love it, and if anyone happens to know if its from a different song, I’d appreciate it.

  2. i didn’t pick up on Satie, although I’m not immediately familiar with his Gnossiennes. you just forced my finger on an iTunes purchase.

  3. i wrote:

    don’t put yourself out over this, but a friend and I are curious*: where does the music for the last ~5 minutes come from in your ill tremelo ’02 set?



    he writes:

    no worries….. thanks for listening

    the artist: Manual
    album: ( various ) Blue Skied an’ Clear
    track: Summer Haze

    it’s on a compilation put out Morrmusic http://www.morrmusic.com/

    the first disc on the compilation is MorrMusic artists covering old Slowdive songs. then the second disc is those artists own tracks… this one is on the 2nd.

    it’s REALLY good. in fact that label is amazing… most if not all of my mixes have at least one MorrMusic track on there…

    also… even though you didn’t ask.. the track leading into that one is my own…. about to finish an album soon. one of these days I’ll get off my ass and stop making dj mixes and focus on my own sh!t…..



    he’s right — Morr Music has a ton of sweet music. i have a lot of listening/selling-my-possessions to do…

  4. Thanks a ton! I’ll have to go check that song out.

    I probably should have specified that its the third gnossienne. But if you happen to like those I’d also suggest his gymnopedies.

  5. followup:

    hi justin..

    i noticed some talk on your blog about the Satie piece.. it’s a sample i took from:

    Pieces Pour Guitare
    Erik Satie (Compositeur), Pierre Laniau (Interpr├Ęte)

    it’s Satie works done in guitar, specifically the “N 3-Lent (Quatre Gnossiennes)”

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