Specifically, Leslie Feist of Canada. She’s done some live radio performances recently, both of which are excellent — and free to listen/watch:

Her website has more media, including music videos and her appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. I also found two higher quality music video downloads than are available on her site:

Her debut album, Let It Die, has gotten mixed reviews (her live work is seemingly where it’s at thus far) — but I like “One Evening” (as video-ed above) and “Gatekeeper”, especially.

Update: TenAJs posted another music video — this one is Windows-only, and you’ll need MPC and DivX to watch it:

Update: … and another (thanks again TenAJs):

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  1. Regarding her album, I’ve come to like every single track. It’s awesome. “Gatekeeper” is an unlikely, but an appreciative, gem.

    To add to your video downloads list, I have Feist’s “Inside and Out” video. I request that you remove the link from this comment post after you read/download it and if you yourself would like to share it, upload the file elsewhere. [video, 80 megs]


  2. i think the file is corrupted — it only worked in VLC for me, and just for the first few seconds. if you have a better copy, send it over and I’ll put it up.

  3. same problem — and i use a Mac, so MPC isn’t an option. i’ll take your word for it and stick it up anyway for the Windows users, at least until i can nab a PC and give it a shot myself.

  4. Feist, Feist, Feist! it’s in time you realise what wonderful work has been done on that album! when it got out it just seemed as a nice debut from a girl with a magnificent voice and charm but now that it’s been playing and playing in everybody’s Pods and blogs and i can easily imagine – cafes, tea shops, evening with friends – i start to get it really – it’s great from start to end! for me “Inside and Out” is the standout track, i even played it on the dancefloor for a bit last year! and now the new video for “Mushaboom” – brilliant! love this performance of “Secret Heart”, btw…

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