Truth And Beauty Bombs

It recently became known to me that two of my favorite webcomics are in league together – like some kind of hideously wonderful Coalition Of The Willing:

Dialy Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North

Daily Dinosaur is to comics what the sonnet is to poetry. Ryan uses the same drawing every day and switches out the dialogue, but has managed to keep it fresh for over 600 strips. If it doesn’t strike your fancy at first, give it a week or two … you’ll see; and don’t forget to hover your mouse over the images for an extra comment/punchline.

Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch

Words fail me. Click the walking man in the middle of his site for the archives:

Also check out A Softer World by Joey Comeau and Emily Horne: the third, and until now, unknown-to-me member of T&BB.

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