Buro Vormkrijgers

The Buro Vormkrijgers design studio, in addition to their clever Pong [video] and Orbit clocks, design innovative furniture and lighting — above is a chandelier and lamp, called Therese and Josephine, respectively. Their Cyclops lamp has two flourescent bulbs attached to an eye-like circular hinge in the middle, suspended from the ceiling on wire — pulling the hinge breaks the shape and switches the lamp off. Katana [video] is a vertical touch-sensitive high-intensity LED lamp, that can be detached and moved from its recharging base. Ceci looks like a light bulb whose glass is melting away, but hides its light source in the socket. Their Stealth chair looks downright badass; and an experiment in what they call Transfurniture actually swings into form as you sit on it [video]. Check out their portfolio and store:

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