CN is particpating in CSS Reboot:

CSS Reboot is a community event for web professionals. November 1st, 2005 at 12:00 GMT Rebooters from all over the world will launch their web standards-based redesigns simultaneously, bringing traffic, interest and a little respect to their sites. There are no prizes or arbitrary winners, just great exposure and the knowledge that we all participated in something great.


  • live search
  • live comment posting


  • wider posts (500 px)
  • wider page (1024ish px)
  • everything else

Vote for CN! (You’ll be forwarded to CSS Reboot after your vote is submitted.)


There is now a podcast of all the music featured in posts. Click/Drag/Copy the links provided below to your favorite podcasting application, or use the links in the sidebar. I’ve populated it with all the downloadable music I’ve posted thus far that was still available, so there’s a good base to start off with.

Music featured on Centripetal Notion is for evaluation purposes only. Whet your appetite here, support the artists elsewhere.