What The Bleep Do We Know!?

A documentary/story hybrid that follows a female photographer (played by Marlee Matlin) as mysteries of quantum physics and neuroscience unravel before her, forcing her to re-evaluate the fundamental premises of her life. Already available on DVD, it opens in theaters this February with new information, footage, special effecs, and over an hour and a half of new interviews.

One of the main brains behind this project is Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, a theoretical physicist and author of nine books, including Taking the Quantum Leap and the Dr. Quantum series.

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  1. I remember that movie, the segment about water crystals inspired me to do some experimentation of my own which resulted in some fascinating (and inexplicable) results.

  2. Well, first, I tried to actually recreate the results (any form of crystallization) and it was actually very tough.

    I had to find a free lab at my university that was cooled because the crystals actually begin melting immediatly. Also, I needed a special microscope that didn’t emit too much heat that would melt the sample before I could snap some pictures.

    After alot of trial and error, I found a decent procedure.

    Anyway, I tried out various things (music, dirty water) and surprisingly enough, it worked. I got some really pretty formations out of classical music, and ugly ones out of some more emotional/angry songs.
    Also, I tried out golden spirals, and other golden ratio-inspired things and had a similar result.

    I really have no clue what could cause it. With the music, you could figure that frequencies and vibrations could affect things, but simply taping an image of a golden rectangle. I don’t get it.

    Seriously, what the bleep do we know…it drives me insane 😀

  3. There’s a lot of very interesting ideas floated in this movie, and it’s great to hear of people replicating the water experiments!

    There has been some doubt cast over the intentions of the producers of What The Bleep – Salon did an article a while ago, looking to expose the religious organisation behind it as a cult. (http://www.salon.com/ent/feature/2004/09/16/bleep/ for the article, and some letters in respose at http://www.salon.com/ent/letters/2004/09/28/gwyneth/)

    Still, inspite of the films’ detractors, it does raise some interesting questions, and its success with “waking us up” to the possibilities is encouraging. 🙂

    Another film in a similar vein that I’ve found interesting in is Liquid Crystal Vision (http://www.liquidcrystalvision.com), which covers similar issues from the viewpoint of the psychadellic dance culture. Lots of good psytrance twisted VJing 🙂


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