Ben XO spins groovy, upbeat drum & bass every Tuesday on from 3-6pm EST, and has several residencies around the UK, including Locus in Bristol and Grooverider’s Grace in London. He’s also a freelance computer programmer, systems engineer, web developer, and the webmaster for, and of course, Bassdrive. His choice in material is always fresh and his timing is solid, not to mention from time to time his breaks have been known to invert the polarity of the universe. He’s got hours of mixes available for download on his website, so go check it out – “End of an Ear-Ache” and “100 Tons of Forked Lightening” especially.

Update: Looks like his mixes are down for a bit, I’m uploading my copies of the two mentioned above and will post them soon, I’ll add them to the podcast as well.

Update: XO’s mixes are back up on his site, and I’ve added the aforementioned to the podcast.

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