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  1. It’s actually largest man-made islandS. There are multiple Palm islands, not the mention the World Islands. The Burj Dubai (tallest building) is actually residential, which is awesome. The Burj Al Arab (the hotel) is the tallest and most exclusive/expensive/only-seven-star hotel in the world.

    Not bad for a place that 30 years ago had an industry that was based around fishing and pearl diving, huh?

    (I live in Dubai)

  2. A remarkable city that I hope to visit some day. I suppose the significant economic freedom (zero-percent tax rate) has helped it in much like Hong Kong.

  3. Dubai is indeed a very cool place. I’d love to visit the Burj Al Arab one day. And I’d seen those palm islands before – a very interesting development.

    I didn’t know about the commercial spaceport though? I knew that Virgin Galactic was building one – but I thought that was in Mexico? Who’s building this one in Dubai?

  4. for all the abovementioned here, I set aside the bounteousness of the modern arab architectural of Dubai, we can not deny about it…instead, I look Dubai for its balanceness, to rule different nationalities, government system, procedures, economics and cultural awareness, which I think to be the best proposal in the forming International Customs…

    I am living in Dubai and felt about it…Cheers!!!

  5. this is the Future.Today……The Whole World will Envy this Place …..belive me Dubai Really Rocks …..the beauty is that Dubai just Earns 6% from Oil.and the balance on trading…inclusive of Infrastructure and real estate…. i live right here in Dubai..

  6. hi dubai dreams,
    well u shud be on a look out for ur drivers license as that is a very important thing to look out for… and also its sunny here all yr around so always have some sun block lotion,and also make sure u do not get into un metered taxis as that is not legal and may get u into a fix any ways you will have a great time here i can bet u
    any thin u can always keep in touch thru this

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