Most anyone with an interest in the arts and technology, some spare time two weeks ago, and enough spare cash, found their way to South by Southwest in Austin, TX: an annual mecca for music, film, and interactive design. I didn’t go myself (see reasons 2 and 3), but there are artifacts aplenty throughout the internet for consumption by those not fortunate enough to be there and curious enough to want some of the action.

I wasn’t going to mention SXSW at first for the sake of overexposure, but as more and more interesting material keeps pouring in, not to mention the 9rules network (with which I am affiliated) taking the prize for best community site of the year, I had to touch on it to make sure everyone who reads this is at least aware of the content I’m (just getting around to) enjoying right now. You’ll need BitTorrent for the torrents, which you can get here. If there’s anything you’ve found interesting I don’t mention here, feel free to leave it in the comments.



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