If you follow this site through your browser or newsreader, you may have noticed things slowing a bit recently. CN has never been a personal blog, nor will it become such, but if you’re interested, let me fill you in on what’s going on behind the scenes. This will be short and sweet, promise.

Update: check the comments.

First, I’m in college, and wrapping up my last semester as a design student. I’ve not-so-quickly realized that most of the useful knowledge there is to be found regarding web design is — surprise — on the web itself, or at least not in class (not my classes anyway). I’m not through with school, but through with how I’ve been using it. Don’t mistake me, higher education has immense value — I might go into this sometime in the future — but I like my knowledge straight from the source, and starting next year I’ll be pursuing a different degree that more closely aligns itself with what I see as university’s strengths.

That said, I’ve been busy with classes and getting my things in order to move and transfer schools and degrees. I’m also rethinking how I want to structure this site, as I’ll be participating in the upcoming CSS Reboot on May 1st as well as rebuilding my portfolio.

So for the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a little less frequently. Stay tuned?

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  1. You keep me postd on the illest stuff, ever. So I’ll still check this isht out.

    Good luck w/ what you decide to do:)

  2. Damn I suck. Commitments to school and client work have kept me from participating in this Spring’s CSS Reboot. I’m still working on a new portfolio site that I’ll be launching sooner or later, but CN will remain the same for the immediate future. I had a new design plotted out in Photoshop, but I realized the only reason I was redesigning was to catch the Reboot wave, i.e., the current design is only a half-year old, and I’m still happy with it. I’ll be touching things up around here now that school is nearly finished, and changing how I structure posts a little, but I’m saving the redesign for later (it’ll be better then anyway).

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