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Cool! Check out Google’s new English-Arabic (and vice-versa) translator, which uses statistical analysis of billions of words of text and previous human translations. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s evaluation of its accuracy looks pretty good.

Update: I can’t believe I didn’t think to try it on Al Jazeera’s website:

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  1. I am looking for the Arabic word for sun or sunset. I am getting an Arabian horse that is very dazzling when the sun shines on him and would like to name him that

  2. thanks Justin I would appreciate that. the horse is called Cimarron now. that does’nt sound very Arabic to me.

  3. To Ginny: te english pronounciation for the words that justin said are:
    (I speak arabic!)

    sunset: shamsh , ghuroob. hope you find this useful!


  4. hi
    can you please translate ‘My life my way’ for me
    i’m thinking of getting a tattoo and would be relly greatful
    thank you

  5. شمس or shams is the word and pronunciation for sun
    غروب or ghorob is the word and pronunciation for sunset
    i like horses very much and those would be good names

  6. Helwa = Pretty (Femaile Only) Teshreen = this is actually a Siriani word (Siriani, not Syrian, are people who lived in the Middle East long time ago) and it means: old
    Al Thani = Al means The and Thani means second
    It is a month name which November in western calendar
    There is also Teshreen Al Awal, Al Awal means the first which is the month of October

    A little not on the numbers:

    Wahid = one
    Ithneen = two
    Thalatha = three
    Arabaa = four
    Khamisa = five
    Sitta = six
    Sabaa = seven
    Thamaniyah = eight
    Tesaa = nine
    Ashra = ten

    Thanks = Shukran

  7. sorry, forgot to mention that the previous response was for Tash picture
    as for Jay, is it: who can you tell someone ” stay strong” in arabic or
    how can you tell someone ” stay strong” in arabic?

    anyway, if you refering to who, then there are male and female addressing:

    who can you tell someone ” stay strong” in arabic?
    kon qawiyan = be strong (male)
    koni qawiyah = be strong (female)
    Ebqa qaweyan = stay strong (Male)
    Ebqi Qawiyah = Stay strong (Female)


  8. just a little about myself:
    I like to share knowledge, that is all
    I live in United Arab emirates in the city of Ajman (25 km from Dubai)
    I do speak three languages (Arabic, English and French)
    I have BS in Mechanical engineering and MBA in Business Administration
    Currently i am learning Japanese (i am a fan of Japanese animation such as Naruto, One piece, Bleach, Inuyasha, etc)
    on the lighter side, i like and do work on photo and video editing software such as photoshop, ULead dvd maker, Viriualdub etc.

    Thanks for the opportunity

  9. I like to share knowledge, that is all
    I live in United Arab Emirates in the city of Ajman (25 km from Dubai)
    I do speak three languages (Arabic, English and French)

    Thanks for the opportunity

  10. Kindly translate
    where r u going?
    I am going to market.
    What for r u going there.
    i am going to do shopping.
    when will u be back?
    i will be back in one and half hour.

  11. ولد في بغداد عام 1875م، ونشأ فيها حيث أكمل دراسته في الكتاتيب، ثم دخل المدرسة العسكرية الابتدائية فتركها، وأنتقل إلى الدراسة في المدارس الدينية ودرس على علماء بغداد الأعلام كالشيخ عبد الوهاب النائب، والشيخ قاسم القيسي، والشيخ قاسم البياتي، والشيخ عباس حلمي القصاب، ثم أتصل بالشيخ العلامة محمود شكري الألوسي ولازمهُ أثنتي عشرة سنة، وتخرج عليهِ وكان يرتدي العمامة وزي العلماء وسماهُ شيخهُ الألوسي (معروف الرصافي) ليكون في الصلاح والشهرة والسمعة الحسنة، مقابلاً لمعروف الكرخي

  12. I have a friend from Jordan. She told me how to say 2 words and gave me the spelling. I am wondering if she is pulling my leg on their meaning. The words were Choot she said meant pussy, and
    Gaand meaning ass.
    Can you e-mail me and tell me if these are correct.

  13. hi,
    I would greatly appreciate the arabic translation of the english word ‘apprize’. the meaning is ‘to increase in value, or appreciate and gain in value’

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