One Year! + Contest

(me, turning three, despite what the candles would have you believe)

Last week Centripetal Notion turned one year old. Somehow I missed this (yeah I’m a bad father), but in the end it’s probably for the best — that masturbatory, retrospective look-how-far-I’ve-come crap drives me crazy. Plus, as fate would have it, this is actually the 200th post.

Anyway it’s been a good trip around the sun. To celebrate, I decree that there shall be a contest!

Send me something cool: a website, article, video, artist, song … anything I can feature on CN. It has to be something I haven’t heard, seen or thought of yet and it has to be totally awesome. (Yes, I’m channeling Kottke.) You can submit as many things as you like. Winner gets their submission posted and credited with a link to their website (or Flickr, MySpace, LiveJournal, etc. page) and a $25 gift certificate. Contest ends in a week or something, I’ll update this post when it’s over.

Have at! (But not in the comments, use the form*):

*form created with Wufoo, an intuitive and comprehensive form creation and management system from the people behind Particletree and Treehouse Magazine.

Update: Thanks to everyone for the submissions, and congrats to Andrew from Desperate Curiosity for his winning link.

6 Replies to “One Year! + Contest”

  1. Brilliant; I love a good contest. About how much traffic do you get on your front page? I ask for three reasons:
    (1) curiosity
    (2) determine relative value of link on front page (in addition to $25, which is super-sweet by itself)
    (3) estimate how many competitors there will be for the contest

    Thanks, and keep up the excellent posts!

  2. Yup, birthday celebrations aren’t all they’re made up to be anymore. Still, congrats! I hope I make it as long as a year, so… it’s definitely not entirely without merit.

    [submission edited]

    Have I now entered the contest?

  3. Well, your contest for one year is over but today is another celebration for you … your 22nd Birthday … HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON !!!!!!!!!!!!! =) Yep … it never ends when your parents will embarrass the fool out of you !!! ~~snickering~~ HEY … we earned that right !!! ha ha Love you !!!! Mom, Dad and Samantha

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