Corinne Bailey Rae

I first heard Corinne on aurgasm a few months ago, and just saw via Giant Step that her new self-titled album was released yesterday (although iTunes shows it coming out back in March?). Some reviews and remarks on her talent include:

Perfectly understated and effortlessly enjoyable (…)


Her voice (…) when fully unleashed, filled the room like a whisky-scented genie.

The Observer / Guardian

I especially enjoy “Like a Star”, “Enchantment”, “Put Your Records On”, “Call Me When You Get This” and “Another Rainy Day” from the album. iTunes has an acoustic version of “Put Your Records On” as well that’s really good. Apparently she was on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic a ways back and gave a killer performance — unfortunately I can’t find any aural evidence of this. If anyone else has/does, hit me up.

Here’s a couple tracks from the album, for your summer-evening listening pleasure:

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  1. I first saw her on Later with Jools Holland on the BBC, about the same time ago.

    She’s really great! And so is Jools. I don’t know how well he’s known around the world (so excuse me if you are in fact personal mates). There’s several vids of him on Youtube, anyway.

  2. Oh yeah, me and Jools man. Me and Jools.

    j/k. I’m from the states so my BBC-fluency stops right after some DnB/Jungle sets on Radio 1 & 1XTRA, and that sitcom, “The IT Crowd”.

  3. Well, now you’ve gotten your Mom …. LOVE this girl’s voice … so simple, so unaffected, so smooth, and in the words of your mom … so precious !!! MAN do I want to hear more of her !!!! =) Been listening to her over and over !!!! ~wink~ Your mom =)

  4. You discovered the acoustic version of her song too! I actually think it sounds better than the original. Corinne Bailey Rae has been popular in the UK for quite some time now, I think her album was released on iTunes before it came out in the stores.

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