Black Holes = Dark Energy Stars?

Theoretical physicists have recently been frustrated by a bold hypothesis concerning black holes—specifically, that they don’t exist.

In March, at the 22nd Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting in Santa Barbara, Calif., George Chapline, an applied physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, gave a talk based on ideas he’s been incubating for several years. (…)

His work reinvents black holes as so-called “dark energy stars,” which are what is left over when matter transitions to dark energy as it passes a point of no return similar to a black hole’s event horizon. That redefinition, if correct, would invalidate much of the intellectual framework of traditional black holes.

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  1. i am beginning to think that cosmology theory relating to dark energy and dark matter is a string of fairy tales at this stage in its development. hawking what do u think about that?
    well S.H. u r DEFINITELY right about us being STUPID to advertise our whereabouts to technologically superior beings outside our solar system.

    maybe they will be nice…hoho. some will be some wont be.

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