Maynard Ferguson Dies at 78

He soared above everything, past high C, into the next octave and a half, where his tone and timbre became unique (…)

Frank Conroy, writer

Update: (or kickass encore)

2 Replies to “Maynard Ferguson Dies at 78”

  1. He was a true master of his instrument and my biggest inspiration as a trumpet player back in high school. I’m sure he touched millions of others in the same way. Probably the majority of young trumpeters idolize him over any other horn player.

    Sad to see him go.

  2. It was a really great trupmet. Large sound and pretty easy to play. I had one in early 70 s (a second hand one, according serial number a mid 60 s instrument).If I have good memory, Conn producted 38B from 1956-57 to 1979-1980.I not sure Maynard used a Conn on that tune. In 70 s, he had signed with Holton and, at the end of his life, with Monette.I had never try an Holton MF’s horn And I’m too poor to buy a Monette. I play now on a Conn Vintage one. Great instrument too.

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