Chris Thile: How to Grow a Woman from the Ground

Chris Thile is no stranger to my music library or this website. In the wake of Nickel Creek’s announced “indefinite hiatus” he is actively pursuing new solo work and collaboration, including an upcoming album and tour with classical bassist and virtuoso Edgar Meyer this winter.

I’m looking to break down the traditional structures and ideas of what constitutes bluegrass or classical music. We’ll use bluegrass instruments, but we’re going to change what that means.

Whatever that means, I’ll be following.

Thile has both the chops and the vision to alter the landscape of his genre forever.

USA Today

His new album, How to Grow a Woman from the Ground, was just released and I grabbed it without hesitation. As usual I enjoy the tracks that feature him on mandolin more than him singing, though this is less true with How To Grow than his previous album, and only because I’m a bit of a purist. Be sure to check out “Watch ‘at Breakdown”, “The Beekeper”, “Cazadero”, “Heart In a Cage”*, “I’m Yours If You Want Me”* and “The Eleventh Reel”*.

It didn’t take much to drive me crazy, I guess I wasn’t that sane before.

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