Mr. Invisible + One Self

top: Ill-Use, Justin Aswell – Mr. Invisible
bottom: DJ Vadim, Yarah Bravo – One Self

Went to the best show I’ve seen/heard in a while last night: Mr. Invisible & One Self on the US tour Children of Possibility, featuring music from One Self’s album of the same name and Mr. Invisible’s debut album, Sight Unseen.

Mr. Invisible is Ill Use and Justin Aswell, both Charlotte, NC natives and formerly of hip-hop group Dominant 7. DJ Vadim, Yarah Bravo and Blurum 13 make up One Self and are saturated with years of experience in the hip-hop scene, currently signed with the label of perpetual enlightenment, Ninjatune.

They’ll be hitting up cities all over the East Coast and Midwest during the next three weeks so if you dig the following tracks and are fortunate enough to live nearby (or even if not), you’ve just found a night well spent. I only speak the truth.

More info, audio and video:

You can purchase or preview One Self’s music from a number of places online including iTunes. In addition to “BlueBird” I really dig “Be Your Own” and “Hollow Human Beings”. Mr. Invisible’s album can be purchased on their MySpace (above).

Update: looks like someone else was there w/ Flickr … and a better camera:

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