70,000 Liters of Exploding Paint

Sony’s new Bravia ad is the sequel in spirit to last year’s ad featuring 250,000 multicolored superballs and a steep San Francisco street. This time an array of copper pipes plus hundreds of cluster bombs and mortars dispensed 70,000 liters of paint on and around an abandoned high-rise apartment complex in Glasgow, Scotland. The paint, delivered on site in 1 ton trucks, was non-toxic, water-based, safe enough to drink and harmless to skin. Clean up took 5 days and 60 people. Video is available in HD, in addition to footage from behind the scenes.

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5 Replies to “70,000 Liters of Exploding Paint”

  1. Justin,

    I saw this ad the other day on TV and to be honest given the mammouth task of getting the whole thing to work, I thought the cinematography didn’t to justice to the event. The 25,000 bouncing balls were far more awe-inspiring to me.

    What they should of done with that huge sum of cash to make the ad, is invest it in the derelict Scottish housing estate…but who gives a s**t about welfare when you’re in big business?

  2. I love the planning and amount of thought that goes into their commercials. I cannot wait until the next one.

    The only thing that disagreed with me in this one was the random clown running away, with this absolutely evil look on his face.

    The thought came to mind that THIS is what bombings would look like if clowns were responsible. This of course added an entirely new dimension of humor into the commercial, so I had to watch it twice.

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