Just want to quickly say thank God for Picnik, a sweet flash/web-based image editor (think iPhoto functionality minus library management plus built-in Flickr, et al integration). Ever since my admittedly pirated copy of Photoshop became self-aware a couple weeks ago Picnik has taken over as my blog-post-image editor mainstay, at least while I pass the time (and save the money) until the end of April when Adobe CS3 hits the stores. Kudos to the Picnik team for reals.

P.S. the above image of Picnik editing a photo was edited in Picnik. Blow your mind.

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  1. Wow – very very nice. Didn’t think I would like a flash app as much as this, but for most editing it’s exactly what is needed (something quick, basic, pretty, and flexible). Thanks!

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