Columnar Basalts

Columnar Basalts are rock formations resulting from the quick cooling of lava flow. Fractures form in a random cellular network (similar to soap bubbles, organic cells, etc.), though the average distribution of sides is six, giving the hexagonal structures an eerie man-made appearance.

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  1. The one send in by Yellowjester is near my house(:
    I believe so, I think it was taken in Eugene, Oregon. :]

  2. The amazing part.of Devils Postpile is a glacier polished the top ! Looks like a huge turtle shell…

  3. i was on holiday near yssingeux in france and bumped into a bunch of these volcano corks with columnar basalt and was amazed, and the locals made their houses out of it because it was free brick material, all the villages are around the volcano corks made from fallen basalt bricks. only question for me is where is the gold there.

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