Dynamic Architecture

If you can stomach the cheezy, masturbatory music and narrative, this video gives a really excellent overview of some of the “dynamic architecture” in progress around the world — buildings that move and adjust themselves to their environment based on the desires of their inhabitants.

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  1. Pretty kool. It would be nice to follow the sunset and then have a great view of the city at night. I did keep thinking about the poor family who is renting an apartment on the wrong side of the building who sees the shit the other side doesn’t wanna see all day.

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  3. That presentation wouldn’t be out of place on The Apprentice.

    So: independently rotating floors and horizontal wind turbines between each floor—taking the lift to the top must be lethal.

    And how are those wind turbines supposed to work? Do they have wind in Dubai that travels vertically, through solid floors and ceilings?

    It must be a hell of an engineering task to make asymmetrical floors balance. I bet 99% of the time—and contrary to the animations in the video—the floors will be arranged at haphazard angles and it’ll look a right mess. I’d’ve made them circular—you’d only see the movement of the windows, which would be subtler. Though it’d probably look a lot less cool.

  4. I think the balance of the floors is resolved by having a really solid interior cylinder and using lightweight materials for the extremities. Also I’m sure they can’t go as tall as the conventional skyscrapers being built now.

    I don’t know about the wind turbines. Part of me is skeptical thinking it might just be a way to provoke interest from environmentalists and investors. But there are some crazy new wind turbine designs out there that make it seem feasible.

  5. My guess is the center cylander will contain 1-4 elevators which will make travel from the bottom tot he top possible without hazard. I agree that i would have made the building completely circular, isntead of off-set. Balance and counter-balance alike being built in, still well over a thousand pounds of furnature and the like are typically stored in an appartment, the layout would have to be regulated to some degree one would think.

    The wind turbines are likely betweent he floors where there is probably a 1-2ft gap, allowing wind to pass through betweent he floors, also making the building less susceptable to high wind risk, and more aerodynamic.

    One concern i would have is this: High rise buildings have their height for one main reason, more people per square foot of ground space. These buildings not only have a severe height limitation, but due to the inefficency of space, can house less people. Green power is great and all, but one nucleur plant can easily provide the largest cities with power, and have power left over, are cheap to build, operate, and maintain, vs conventional power sources, and take up little physical space.

    Interesting and innovating design, however for the practical and efficient use that is ever so desired in today’s world, it will have limited market.

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