Clara Rockmore on Theremin

The theremin was invented in 1919, consists of two oscillators and two antennas, and was the first musical instrument designed to be played without actually being touched.

Clara Rockmore was born in 1911, was a child prodigy on the violin, and is widely considered the most accomplished theremin performer ever. She developed an original technique and fingering system for the instrument which allowed her to perform fast passages and large interval jumps.

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  1. UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) Now this is genius at work …. what a talent and gift she has and what a cool instrument !!!! Love it !!! =)

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  3. I think it’s an amazing ability and the history of this instrument is interesting too (see the Wikipedia links). But I don’t really like the tone.

  4. That sounds like something between a mosquito in the ear and a someone losing a battle to hold in their flatulence.

  5. “This shit sucks, get a better taste in music.”
    16 Dec / 10:50 am

    I’m sorry your inferior mind only understands music by Sum 41 and KORN, or any artists whose music is nothing but a marketing ploy made by records companies to attract uncultured kids like you who will buy their garbage. They make millions off of your ignorance.

  6. To know something about the instrument itself and skill exhibited makes this a truly remarkable performance.

    BTW – there are no greater or lesser tastes, only differing ones.
    Sometimes only simplicity is what is required, no?

  7. jimmy page of led zeppelin played one onstage for yrs, check out the song “whole lotta love” in the movie “the song remains the same”, filmed in concert at madison square garden in 1973.

  8. Music is can only be classified as having greater value when it is made from the mind of the musician and not a cleverly planned money making scheme. It is true that good music comes from those who have an understanding of the instruments they are playing and a good knowledge of many kinds of music. You can also say that some music is more sophisticated than other types, depending on it’s effects on your brain activity, as studies have shown. Listening to an orchestra is by far a more intelligent activity than listening to a teenie bopper punk band that doesn’t know squat about the punk movement and it’s history, or even it’s origins.

  9. jennifer: Yeah, try to have an open mind, we have so much music at our fingertips these days, younger people especially are into eclectic tastes not just crunchy rock, which i totally love…

    it is like Yma Sumac (Amy Camus) The Beach Boys used it in “Good Vibrations” “Lothar and Hand People” from the Midwest-but and the best description is “Forbidden Planet” 50’s sci fi movies….. but I guess everyone has a right to descide, i am thinking of buying one…

    billybob: great, that was incredible…. thanks…

  10. While I commend this lady on mastering a very unique instrument, the 12 year old perv in me, can’t help but laughing at the some of the suggestive hand movements. 😀

  11. The sound track for Forbidden Planet was composed by Louis and Bebe Barron. They made their own electronics to make their music. They didn’t use common theremins to create their music for that score.

  12. As for me, gimme the piano player. She not only rocks, she has a wonderful hand wave. They need to build a theremin that twangs, dad-burn it.

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