13 Replies to “Floating Castle”

  1. Ain’t real. Compare the top pic and bottom pic, around the cement base. Bottom pic shows two steel ladder-style girders running up to the square section of the “funnel.” Now look at the top pic… where are the girders? You can see the wooden poles, but not the one girder on the left (seen in bottom pic but absent in top pic). Consistency is key to creating a truly believable lie. Too bad, it’s really quite good photoshopping.

  2. there is a non-photoshopped photo of this taken at night on panoramia, shows the supports that have been taken out of this pic 😉

  3. Arkonus, you dumbass, haven’t you ever heard of this? It is an old mineral fertilizer bunker in Ukraine. It’s considered one of the top innovations in architecture.

  4. does anyone know where exactly in Ukraine this is? Im living in Ukraine and want to check it out.

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