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  1. This map shows some big mistakes.First: as an italian i say that our skin colour is definitly not the same as central europeans because we are darker.Second: in the united states most white people are as white as nord europeans so its another mistake in colouring the map.Third:I went to Iran and saw that the people there are really not as dark as other middle eastern folks.So fuck! the person who made this map and let him travel more to other countries and let him take a better look at the people.Ciao!!

  2. It cant be that hard to get the skin tone from some Inuit people. It’s a lot darker than most Europeans and blows a huge hole in the earths axis/solar radiation theory.

  3. This map isn’t saying that ALL people in specific areas have the same skin tone as other people that live there as well. It’s measuring skin color according to UV Radiation from the sun. It will not be exactly precise, because obviously other things play into skin tone. i.e. genetic ancestry, immigration in ancestry and so on and so forth. It is just an estimate. Obviously I’m bi-racial and there isn’t a continent that can suffice for me. Lol

  4. wow this map is very impressive
    according to it native americans from perĂ¹ are darkest than congolese of Africa,
    southern australian aboriginals have the same skin tone of Spaniards, the inuit of greenland are lighter than germans

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