8 Replies to “Jill Taylor’s Stroke of Insight”

  1. At first i couldn’t hear anything through that shrilly voice of hers. But, once she got going it was fantastically interesting and captivating.

    I watched this, and I liked it, and i loved it.

  2. truly the best description put into words of what we are part of and what we as humans are really about. Thank you! Thank you! Your experience has helped me believe more of what I already know to be true of the energy that is everything everywhere never ending of what we are part of.

  3. Captivating account of science and how knowledge can transform life. Still, life has many unanswered questions. Good luck in your search for more answers.

  4. This is truly amazing. I love learning about the brain. What a blessed woman! Thank you for sharing your experiences with the world! If only every stroke sufferer were able to have the same results. God truly created an amazing being within each of us.

  5. Very interesting near death experience. I doubt there are many than have been through this that would be able to provide such a vivid description of the experience. Amazing!

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