Apocalyptic Condition 1 weather in Antarctica

Condition 1 weather in Antarctica is defined as wind speed greater than 55 knots (~63 mph), visibility less than 100 feet, and/or wind-chill worse than -100 F. Which is technical speak for the icy bowels of hell. Watch as she opens the door.

6 Replies to “Apocalyptic Condition 1 weather in Antarctica”

  1. That’s insane! And here I am complaining about the 4 feet of snow we’ve received here in New Brunswick, Canada over the last couple of months.

    Happy Valentine’s Day Chris 🙂

  2. OMG Justin! I knew your name was Justin but then saw “Chris” written beside the video in the post above. Haha! I should have trusted my instinct and called you Justin 😉


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