Prop. 8 – The Musical

I can’t stop watching this. Gotta love Jack Black as the most candid Jesus I’ve ever seen. And Neil Patrick Harris can effing sing.

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  2. This is a great production … never knew about it ’til now! Your “site” is awesome, and I stumbled onto it while looking up “columnar basalts” of all things!!! Thanks for being you!!

  3. Bravo to Prop 8 The Musical. It really gets the message across. Indeed, eating shrimp and wearing mixed fibers are all considered abominations, but yet we interestingly don’t hear boo about that from the so called “christian evangelicals.” Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. They ARE NOT PEOPLE OF “FAITH,” THEY ARE PEOPLE WHO CEDED THEIR MIND TO AN ORGANIZATION WHICH WAS CULTURALLY CONSTRUCTED, NOT BASED IN REALITY OR TRUTH, SO THEY DON’T HAVE TO THINK. WORSE YET, THEY PERPETUATE THIS ROT AS IF IT IS TRUTH, SHOVING IT DOWN OTHER PEOPLE’S THROATS, AND DEMONIZING THEM IN THE PROCESS. I personally, can think of something else I would like to have shoved down my throat, Neil Patrick Harris, and if the cooky conservatives tried it, they might like it too (but, please don’t take Neil Patrick Harris, he’s mine.. well, he doesn’t know it yet, but he. Hey, I can believe in something too, can’t I?

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