What Barry Says

This site (really) isn’t going to become a soapbox of any kind, but it’s hard to turn away from something that tickles your frontal and parietal lobes simultaneously with concise logic (in response to apathy concerning the anti-war movement) and clever motion design (won best animation in last year’s Brooklyn International Film Festival). Directed and produced by Knife-Party (a.k.a. Simon Robson) with a monolgue by Barry McNamara: some interesting food for thought and eye candy for dessert…


Mando Gomez takes beautiful photographs: macro images of graffiti, flowers, sculpture, and paintings (or just paint); clouds and landscapes; and experiments with light and fire. Not to mention other genres, he also does the occasional vector image, and his style and eye for detail is constantly evolving. He’s generously letting us incorporate his work in our site design, which you’ll notice updated from time to time behind the header.

Although he sells stock images of many of his best shots, he keeps a regularly updated website with images cropped especially for use as desktop wallpaper. And it’s free (although donations are no doubt appreciated). Dig through his archives and give your computer some freaking class, and PayPal a few USD’s his way to let him know we care. We do man, seriously.

We Are Cancer

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

The picture above is of 500-or-so nude sunbathers, from a global aerial photographic survey conducted by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and a team of editors, technicians, translators, etc. Started in 1994, the project is called The Earth From Above, and “was born from Yab’s dream for a general survey on the state of the Earth at the eve of the 21st century”.

Nina Paley

The picture of sunbathers made me think of an animation by Nina Paley called The Wit And Wisdom Of Cancer. Nina is known for her syndicated comic strips Nina’s Adventures and Fluff, and a number of highly acclaimed animated shorts, including most recently, The Sitayana.

Icaro Doria: Meet The World

“Icaro Doria, a Brazilian designer, has done some amazing graphic interpretations of common flag designs for countries around the world (…) comparing sections of each color on the flags to segments of their population. The campaign is called Meet The World, and has been running in Portugal since January.”

(via Josh Spear)

Julian Beever: Pavement Drawing Illusions

Julian Beever creates pavement drawings that give a false impression of depth and realism. He skews his images so that when viewed from the correct angle, the brain interprets the drawings as three-dimensional. His technique is closely related to Ames rooms: slanted rooms that appear cubic when viewed with one eye from a particular point.

Update: It turns out that some of the images I had attributed to Julian Beever are actually the work of Kurt Wenner, another street artist. I’ve updated the gallery above to give proper credit.