3D Virtual Graffiti

Walls, trains or house fronts – graffiti need to be sprayed on solid, “real” backgrounds. Doesn’t it?

An answer to this is provided by the “Tagged in Motion” project, which builds a bridge between real graffiti art and its virtual depiction. The centre of attention is the graffiti artist DAIM, who co-created the nextwall. Equipped with the appropriate technology, DAIM sprays graffiti into empty space. In a large hall, three cameras using Motion Capturing record DAIM’s position and the movements he executes with a virtual spray can. The assimilated data is shown to him in real time in a pair of video glasses – as free-floating 3D graffiti in space. In this way he can decide how and where to apply his strokes, and via a Bluetooth controller can also determine the colours, strength of brushstrokes and textures of his work.


This is my response to an image recently promoted to the top of social image bookmarking site, FFFFOUND!. Full sizes of original and response below, and links to the entries on FFFFOUND! for your bookmarking pleasure.

Text from the original was:

i’m using ffffounddotcom.
i am a graphic designer.
therefore, i love design.
and i’d like to tell you something:

the pussy, the boobs, the whatever
of your girlfriend body has
nothing to do with design.

graphic design ≠ sex.
pictures: yes.
your sister anatomy: no, thanks.

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Update: some recent responses in FFFFOUND!

Erik Natzke: Flash Paintings

Erik Natzke’s generative paintings are made using Flash, sometimes from sampled photos and video and other times from scratch. He controls very specifically the environment in which his creations thrive, leaving the artwork’s specificities to the whim of the code. Generations of pixels live out their lives in quiet service of the master. Tons of pics and some video inside this post.

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Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction.

Not really sure what this is all about but it looks interesting. Maybe a kind of future-minded think tank slash social network? Definitely a good job done on promoting the website/community, or at least sparking interest. You can apply for access at their website.