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Man overboard!

I’ve packed my bags and moved everything here to my new blog on Tumblr: http://jruck.us.

I’ll post more on the logistics of moving an 8-year-old blog and all its content and comments from WordPress to Tumblr soon, which is actually a little harder than it sounds given Tumblr’s API limitations.

But in the meantime, help me in bidding farewell to the sometimes-buggy-but-usually-loveable WordPress site that first introduced me to the joys of blogging and building websites: Centripetal Notion.

Anyway enough of that, subscribe to my new feed already, or just follow me on Tumblr if that’s your thing.

Catch you on the flip side.


This is my response to an image recently promoted to the top of social image bookmarking site, FFFFOUND!. Full sizes of original and response below, and links to the entries on FFFFOUND! for your bookmarking pleasure.

Text from the original was:

i’m using ffffounddotcom.
i am a graphic designer.
therefore, i love design.
and i’d like to tell you something:

the pussy, the boobs, the whatever
of your girlfriend body has
nothing to do with design.

graphic design ≠ sex.
pictures: yes.
your sister anatomy: no, thanks.

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Update: some recent responses in FFFFOUND!


I have been catastrophically remiss in not posting about this much sooner than I am now. FFFFOUND! is a new-ish image bookmarking site, kind of like del.icio.us for whatever badass photography/art/design/etc. you find around the internet. Not only that though, the website itself is an aggregate cornucopia of beautiful, stimulating, cortex-crunching imagery taken from everyone else’s submissions. I subscribe to the RSS feed and it usually pulls in about 200 new items a day, all of which I flick through in a few minutes, letting the visuals wash over my subconscious and picking out favorites to bookmark myself.

Right now the service is invite-only and unfortunately I’m fresh out of invites. What makes this place so good though is the quality of the content that rises to the top. Where else will you see the paper sculptures of Jen Stark, classic Josef Müller-Brockmann posters, scientific illustrations of micro-organisms, field shots of nuclear mushroom clouds and sexy/artsy nude female photography all side-by-side? Member or no you can still browse everything on the site, and if you ask them nicely they might send you some invites, that’s what I did.

I’m including some images from my own FFFFOUND! stream inside this post to give you an idea of what you can expect. Much more at my profile and the site itself.

Update: See FFFFOUND! Redux for a debate over the appropriateness of content.

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Mark Coleran: Showreel

A ton of really excellent graphic and motion design for film and television, specifically sweet futuristic-looking computer interfaces and information visualizations. By Mark Coleran.

Simplified Latin Alphabet

Our conventional alphabet contains 19 letters having dissimilar upper and lower case symbols (such as ‘A’ and ‘a’) and 7 letters (c-o-s-v-w-x-z) having symbols that are identical.

It is misleading for a letter, or for any graphic symbol, to have two different designs. Confusion might set in when school children are taught to recognize words even before they have learned to recognize different symbols for the same letter.

To remedy this, Alphabet 26, a plan based upon the logic of consistency, proposed that of the 19 letters that have dissimilar symbols 15 letters should use the uppercase designs [black letters below] and 4 letters should use the lowercase designs [green letters]. The other 7 letters already have identical symbols [blue letters].

mp3 glossy 8×10loan keys 250000tool mp3 7282643 31 loanmp3 730 dip dipfoot jesus mp3 900ross mp3 737 rickwoman 73 entrepreneur 51 loan Map

World History Timeline

A wall chart about 6.5 x 4.5 feet in size, containing an overview of nearly 13.7 billions years of universal history: biological evolution, culture, literature, religion, philosophy, science, technology, art and music. Authored by Tom Schoepen and four years in the making, it will soon be published and sold. Unfortunately, I can’t find any version online that is readable.

Si Scott

Si Scott’s beautiful, illustrative & typographic work has been circulating recently — is circulating, who am I to stop it. His portfolio is a little tricky to navigate so I’ve put some of my favorites inside this post.

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Bryan Louie

Bryan’s dripping, flourishing, richly-textured organic style of illustration is … well, it’s just that. If you’ve seen the music video for Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” then you’re already familiar. Other clients include Jane Magazine, Hugo, Scion, Microsoft, Pepsi, and Comedy Central. Check out his site for a lot more stills and video.

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