Jaga Jazzist: What We Must

“Like some hydra-headed Scandinavian juggernaut, Jaga have now completed a ten-year mission to seek out new musical life and new musical civilizations. (…) How many combine styles so effortlessly and still leave you humming melodies that are as warmly remembered as long-lost friends?”

(Chris Jones, BBC.CO.UK)

“The opening track of the album proper, All I Know Is Tonight, sets the tone – layered guitars, a big filmic theme and pulsing Mellotron all orchestrated in a dramatic everything-but-the-kitchen-sink production. From then on they deploy their vast arsenal – rock band plus brass and vibes – with taste and imagination over seven tracks.”

(John Bungey, MOJO)

“After heavily touring, the time came for the next chapter in the Jaga Jazzist history, What We Must. After months spent on writing new material, the band ripped it all up, went into an isolated studio out in the Norwegian woods and recorded the demo now known as the Spydeberg Session. Put down in one take in one day, it was a breakthrough moment for the group. A sound that was closer to their live sound than ever before. (…)

After testing the new material on the road, they returned to the studio and used the Spydeberg Session as the basis of the record which became What We Must, perhaps the most radical development so far in their career. At heart of this collective is a restless soul, going in many directions at the same time, but always going forward. Fast. The band always pushing their boundaries, both personal and musical. That is why they are impossible to categorize. And that’s why they’re special. Jaga is something natural and beautiful. A necessity. For both them and us.”

(press release)

I don’t know about necessary, but suffice it to say, this dectet has created something unique with their latest album, What We Must. Enough of the foreplay though — lets get right to the hot and sweaty linkage:


Update: Here’s a tune from their previous album, Day: