Burning Man 2007: Recap

photo credit: John Curley

photo credit: Colleen Morgan

photo credit: John Curley

Largest turn-out ever this year with over 45,000 people, perhaps the most press ever due to the early burning of the man, and certainly the most live and archived media produced on site since its inception in 1986.

I was planning on going – would have been dragging a drum or two of biodiesel via Metrolina Biofuels for a generator, sound system and video projector to meet up with the people from Green Society. In the end I didn’t go for a number of reasons, but in bowing out I am regrouping in force for next year.

If you didn’t go or if you’re just now getting back, there’s a lot of digital remnants from this year’s Burn. I’ve been following it all fairly closely and am posting the best of what I’ve seen. Please let me know if I’m missing anything cool.