Vanishing Point

Pretty much the coolest thing ever today.

Every once and a while, you see something that so exactly represents the current state of artistic expression in its given genre, it almost renders itself obsolete. That’s kinda how I feel about this.

A bubbly, glitchy state of the motion/infographics union by Japanese group Bonsajo.

Vanishing Point on Vimeo

Chronotopic Anamorphosis

This video shows the test of a software developed as a programming exercise.

The image is digitally manipulated by fragmenting it into horizontal lines and then combining lines from different frames in the display. The result is a distorsion of the figures caused by their motion in time, or, as Brazilian researcher Arlindo Machado calls it: chronotopic anamorphosis.

The effect was completely based on Zbigniew Rybczynski’s “The Fourth Dimension”, but transposed to Processing programming environment and performed in real-time.

The software still has some memory issues, specially when the image rendering is combined with video recording, as it can be seen in this video.

Mark Coleran: Showreel

A ton of really excellent graphic and motion design for film and television, specifically sweet futuristic-looking computer interfaces and information visualizations. By Mark Coleran.