Lior’s new album, Corner of an Endless Road, came out over the weekend. “Heal Me”, one of my favorites from the album, is linked below.

Alison Krauss & Robert Plant: Raising Sand

I’m really enjoying Raising Sand – I think it’s the best album from Alison Krauss since the live recording with Union Station. Robert Plant, as famous as he may be, has never been someone I’ve listened to, but he and Alison have made something significant. Their voices blend effortlessly, and the style they create is truly unique, simultaneously rustic and modern.

My favorite tracks right now are “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us”, “Through the Morning, Through the Night”, “Polly Come Home” and “Please Read the Letter”. Honestly though, the whole album is excellent – it’s hard to pick favorites.

The track I’ve included below is beautiful but doesn’t feature much of Robert, so definitely look elsewhere if you’re interested in hearing them together. The composition and orchestration is exceptionally focused and deceptively complex, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.